About Disclosure Discounts

Founded in 2015 and originally called Cheeky Token, we had the idea of offering a discount card to members to provide them with discounts at local businesses.

This moved forward with the growth of shopping back on the high street and at local businesses.

Whilst the physical card worked well it was ‘another card’ for people to carry around to show to be able to get the cheeky discount.

We dreamed of being able to offer our members the great discounts and service at the ease of their fingertips- on their smartphone.

Wizz forward to COVID-19 and the planning began to obtain the dream. During lockdowns, we saw the addition of a third director and the app was successfully produced with a total rebrand of the company producing Disclosure Discounts.

The ultimate aim is for Disclosure Discounts to spread its wings and venture into other counties around the UK. So keep your eyes peeled as if you're not local to us, we may be coming locally to you very soon!

*Figures correct as 19 Jan 2021